Taking a Lead

March - June 2024
Online and In Person

This is a programme which combines several modules: Leadership (GE03A), Mentoring/Coaching (GE03B), Giving and Receiving Feedback (GE03C), and Report Writing (GE03D).

There will be an online webinar for each module as well as an in-person day covering the practical application for all the modules.

The programme will be of particular benefit to those in any discipline wanting to upgrade from Grade 2 to Grade 3 on the Marshals’ Pathway.

Completion of the webinars AND attendance at the in-person day is required for the training to count toward grade maintenance or upgrade requirements for Motorsport UK licence holders on the Marshals' Pathway.

Click https://forms.gle/zNMZAcRpMgQD3Kz78 link to open resource.