Introduction to Navigation and Targa Rallies

Thursday 5 September 2024, 7pm

Motorsport has many disciplines, all with slightly different rules, regulations and things that marshals need to be aware of for the event to run safely.

Navigation rallies take place on public roads in more or less standard cars, usually in the hours of darkness. Navigational rallies are often referred to as “road rallies”, but strictly speaking there are some differences in the rules.

When it comes to ‘smiles per mile’ it’s hard to beat competing in a Targa Rally, one of the fastest growing and most entertaining ways to have some excitement in your standard everyday car. You don’t need any training or special equipment – just the burning desire to have some great fun on four wheels.

This online session looks at what you need to be aware of in this particular discipline. It will be suitable for those wanting to get involved as a motorsport marshal, as well as being useful for anyone looking for a bit of a refresher.

This is one of our bi-monthly online sessions on a range of more informal topics. It is not a Motorsport UK training module and cannot be used for upgrade or grade maintenance purposes.