What is a "Training Event"?

For many years, it’s been a requirement for a Marshal to attend at least one training event every two years to retain their grade of registration.

Motorsport UK are often get asked what constitutes a “training event” in this context, so, following discussions with the Marshal’s Advisory Group and the Training Advisory Group, the following definition has been agreed upon:

  • Dedicated Marshals’ training, delivered by a licensed Motorsport UK Trainer(s), equating to 6 hours in total, of which a minimum of 2 hours must be face to face.

That is to say that, in a two-year period, each Marshal must undertake a minimum of 6 hours of training. This may be completed via Marshal training days (as is the norm), or via a combination of several online sessions and a two-hour face-to-face session. However the 6 hours are achieved, it remains the responsibility of each Marshal to self-certify compliance at the time of renewal.

SAMSC Training

The majority of our training opportunities count towards grade maintenance or upgrade requirements for Motorsport UK licence holders on the Motorsport UK Marshals' Pathway.

We run online training seminars every month, live on Zoom. You can join in with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Each session usually lasts for around 90 minutes and you'll receive a certificate as evidence of attendance.

Our in-person training events include practical topics, most of which will be aligned with significant events in the Scottish motorsport calendar.